Saturday, October 15, 2011

Large Coastal Rockfall caught on Video.

Large Coastal Rockfall caught on Video.
A video of a large rockfall at North Cliffs, Cornwall, England, has been recorded due to quick thinking of someone on the spot. This has been reported with some useful comment in The Guardian of 7 October 2011 at:
This is an exceptional opportunity to see a natural rockfall. It is estimated that about 100,000 tonnes of rock fell. This is an extremely unusual video as it is very unlikely someone is at a suitable place with a camcorder ready at the right time. The 50 second video shows a rockfall which converts a 100m high rock cliff to a debris slope. A second video shows the same site 2 weeks later when the lower portion of the debris slope has been eroded by the sea, and conversion to a new, more complex, coastal slope form is underway.
These videos were originally placed on You Tube and if the link above doesn’t go to both videos, you can see them by opening You Tube and searching “Massive Cornwall Rockfall” and “North Cliffs Failure (2 weeks later)”.

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